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Turkish bath

Turkish bath is an authentic ritual combining traditional oriental sciences of bodily and spiritual purity with contemporary visions of Spa and Wellness culture - purification, restoration and relax. In addition to reminding us of the extravagance of the Orient, this therapy also has an exclusive effect on physical and mental fatigue, through the synergic impact of steam, heat, water and massage, complemented by relaxing music, shaded light, natural soap fragrances and oil scents. The procedure begins with staying in the steam cabin to warm the body and prepare for the following stage, peeling with a silk mitten, which ends on a pleasantly warmed plate /bed/. Then comes a wrapping into fluffy foam of natural soaps for the relaxing massage.
As a true SPA ritual the Turkish bath is a basic element of the greater part of SPA and relax therapies offered by Blyasak Relax Center so that you can enjoy the magical spirit of the Orient!


1Tradirional Turkish Bath (70 minutes) - BGN 80.00

2Zephyr Therapy (40 minutes) - BGN 60.00