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You can combine aesthetic care for beautiful hands and feet with the relaxing effect of the pedicure massaging chair and the inbuilt hydro-massaging bath enriched with salts and essential oils.
Make the longest-lasting manicure and pedicure with gelish soak-off gel polish.
This is the technology of the future in products for nail polishing because it does not take time to perform, makes the nail plate healthier, dries out just for 30 seconds and lasts between 14 and 21 days.
What can be better than that?

We work with:



1 Manicure with gelish – BGN 30.00

2 Pedicure with gelish – BGN 40.00

/the prices include the nail polish removal as well/

3 Manicure without nail polishing – BGN 21.00

4 Pedicure without nail polishing – BGN 31.00

5 Nail polishing – BGN 5.00

6 SPA Manicure without nail polishing – BGN 29.00

7 SPA Pedicure without nail polishing – BGN 47.00

/the spa therapy includes jacuzzi bath with salts and essential oils, peeling, massage and mask for skin replenishing and regenerating, nail and nail bed healing and tightening/

8 Cryotherapy for tired and heavy legs – BGN 20.00

/it improves microcirculation and is especially suitable for the summer season, in cases of leg oedemas related to lymph stagnation/